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Live Tracking

See live updates from your tracker instantly on our web platform.

Real Time Updates

Using live streaming technologies, as soon as an update from the tracker hits the server have it instantly update on your screen.

Granular Tracking Intervals

We have calibrated our trackers to send turn by turn updates whilst the vehicle is in motion. If the vehicle is travelling in a straight line the tracker will update every 60 seconds. If the vehicle is stationary the tracker will update every 30 minutes.

Address Lookups

Every location is accompanied by a human readable address. No hard to read GPS coordinates to decypher.

Fast Loading

We pride ourselves in having everything load lightning quick, no matter how many devices you have.

Detailed Trips

View detailed reports of each trip allowing you to see turn by turn data between point A and B.

Share Live Location

With the push of a button share your vehicle with an email address, allowing them to get live access to your vehicle.

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