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Coach your drivers with
Driver Safety

Improve your drivers by monitoring their driving behaviour.
Prevent incidents so your drivers can come home safe.

Driver Score

A score based on Rapid Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering events and the distance that you travel.

Speed Limit Reports

A report that compares the vehicle speed to the actual speed limit on that particular road.

Rapid Acceleration

An event that occurs when a driver accelerates rapidly.

Harsh Braking

An event that occurs when a driver harshly brakes.

Harsh Cornering

An event that occurs when a driver harshly takes a corner too harshly.

Crash Detection

An event that occurs when a crash is detected by the device.

  • Driver Safety Score Formula

    The Driver Safety Score is calculated by considering various driving behaviors, including the number of rapid accelerations, harsh brakings, and harsh cornerings.

  • Weight of the vehicle

    Numerous elements beyond a driver's control can influence their Driver Safety Score, with vehicle weight being one such factor. We take the vehicle's weight into account when determining your Driver Safety Score.

  • Driver Identification

    By implementing RFID tags or QR code scanning within the system, we can identify the individual operating the vehicle and allocate the corresponding Driver Safety Score to that specific driver.

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