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Automating your

Empower Your Rail Fleet: Trigger Actions Seamlessly with GPS and Telematics Data, Your Route to Automation.


Streamlining Construction & Rail Maintenance Operations with Advanced Automation

Embrace the next level of construction & rail maintenance management by integrating automation into your tracking system. With tailored conditions, the platform intelligently responds to specific railway events, ensuring precise operations and timely responses.
Vehicle-Specific Automation

Choose which vehicles or vehicle groups your automations apply to. Tailor different automation scenarios to different subsets of your fleet, enhancing specificity and relevance of the actions.

Frequency Limiter

Take control of action frequency with the limiter. This feature allows you to set the maximum number of times an action can occur within a specific time period, preventing unnecessary repetitions and improving system efficiency.

Conditional Count Action

Set the system to perform actions only after certain conditions have been met a specified number of times. This ensures actions are triggered based on consistent patterns rather than isolated events.

No Limit Automation

Empower your system with limitless possibilities. You can create unlimited automations and even chain them together for complex scenarios. This feature maximizes the potential of your automation system, catering to every unique need of your fleet management.


Here are some main conditions for setting up your automations.

  • General Purpose Input/Output
  • Hi-rail
  • Ignition
  • Speed
  • Geofence
  • Signal
  • Power
  • Odometer
  • Hours
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Driver
  • Nearby Attachments
  • CANBus Telematics
  • Temperature
  • Actions

    Here are the actions that your automation can trigger.

  • Email
  • General Purpose Output
  • SMS
  • Phone Call
  • Push Notification
  • Reporting

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