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Embrace unmatched accuracy with MongerTech. From advanced GPS tracking to precise cold transport and concrete temperature monitoring, guarantee exceptional temperature control across all domains. At MongerTech, we make perfection in every degree a reality.

Comprehensive Temperature Solutions

Kickstart your journey into comprehensive temperature and cold chain management with us. Our advanced solutions are tailored to ensure consistent and reliable temperature monitoring, aiding in flawless cold chain operations.

Innovative Technology

Utilize the power of cutting-edge Wired & Bluetooth temperature devices and seamless reefer monitoring. Experience uninterrupted, real-time temperature tracking, ensuring the safety and quality of goods throughout transit.

TempMonger: Your Cold Chain Ally

Embark on a revolutionized path with TempMonger’s intelligent and connected solutions. From the initial concept to successful deployment, embrace a future where every degree matters for maintaining the utmost quality and efficiency.

Transcend traditional limitations with our innovative solutions designed for modern challenges. Trust TempMonger to enhance your operations, making them smarter, more efficient, and remarkably streamlined.

Advanced GPS Tracking

Harness the power of precise GPS tracking to optimize fleet routes and improve operational efficiency.

GPS-Driven Automation

Utilize GPS and telematics data to set conditions for automation, tailoring actions to specific vehicles or groups. Optimize system efficiency with frequency limiters, conditional actions, and limitless automation scenarios.


Step ahead with our cutting-edge GPS tracking system. Gain unrivaled control, refine operations, and lift your business beyond the conventional.

With MongerTracker, experience the convergence of advanced technology and insightful data analysis. Designed to serve the modern fleet manager's every need, our platform brings you unparalleled automation capabilities and comprehensive insights.

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Advanced Maturity Monitoring

Accurately track concrete's maturity and ensure optimal strength development at every stage.

Real-time Temperature Tracking

Monitor the concrete's temperature in real-time, ensuring optimal curing conditions and avoiding potential defects.


Revolutionizing the construction industry with our advanced remote concrete maturity and temperature monitoring system. Ensuring concrete integrity and optimizing the curing process.

Moncrete is trusted by leading construction companies worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and innovative technology sets us apart.

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