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(GPIO) General Purpose Input Output

Monitor and control general purpose inputs & outputs over the air with ease.

  • What is General Purpose Input Output (GPIO)?

    General Purpose Input Output, allows you to connect the device to external sensors and equipment and connects them to device telematics to provide further information into the operation. GPIO is great for being able to understand and control your fleet's operation through out the day.

  • What can I monitor?

    The possibilities are endless. For example you can connect hi-rail, fuel pumps, tail lifts and more.

  • How accurate is it?

    The device will send the change in status as soon as it occurs. (1-60 seconds). It will record the locations, time, and what has been triggered.

Image Description

Monitor and control when the Hi-Rail is engaged vs disengaged.

Fuel Cell

Monitor the duration that a Fuel Cell is engaged for.


Monitor the duration that a Switch is engaged.


Monitor and control when a set of lights are active vs inactive.


Monitor and control when a Reefer is active vs inactive.

& More

Connect up any input you would like to monitor or control and rename it on the platform.

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